The idea is simple: Helping people to get a better mindset which leads to more success.
Let's go MIND is here to support people change their perspective on success, wealth and big dreams. Therefore we combined affirmations, goalsetting, and journaling for you.
In the beginning affirmations can seem a bit abstract but there are several studies who already show a positive connection. For example a study in 2019 stated: "As expected, positive self-statements led to better performance than negative self-statements.." The study included over 150 participants.
Another research presented the following results: "76% of participants who wrote down their goals, actions and provided weekly progress to a friend successfully achieved their goals." 
Both strategies alone are already helpful but we wanted to combine it and that's how "The Golden Mindset Journal" was born. 
That's why our motto is "success with journaling." 


A few words from the founder Rita Schweigler:

I have been a very positive person for many years now, especially because I worked on my mindset for a long time and of course still do. My teenage years were characterised by negative beliefs and therefore unhappy. It was only when I became aware of how important my thoughts are and how much power they have that everything changed for the better.

Sentences like "I can't do it anyway", "I'm so bad at...", "It's so hard..." you will not find in my vocabulary as they have been deleted or rather reformulated. Of course, this doesn't mean that I never think about it, but I do become aware of negative thoughts, analyse them and direct them to a more positive point of view. In the case of the above-mentioned sentences, they could be rephrased as follows: "I can do this when I...", "I can do some things better, some things worse", "It can be done, but it takes a little time". 

These are just a few examples of how I deal with my thoughts. I have been familiar with this for a long time now, but have now deepened my knowledge and discovered affirmations and the law of attraction. This means that I not only change existing thoughts but also attract positive ones by focusing on new self-chosen thoughts or beliefs.

And since I am 100% convinced that you can achieve infinite things with ambition, smart goal setting and of course the right mindset, I created Let's go MIND.